Maintenance Membership Program

Maintenance Membership Program | manometers measuring equipment for filling air conditioners,gauges.

We’ve streamlined our program to deliver the same excellent service you’ve relied on — now at a lower cost. And now you can choose just the right add-ons tailored to your home, your needs, and your preferences.

You’ll save money on tune-up service and get customized service for your systems’ needs. What’s more, you won’t pay extra for anything you don’t need.

It’s our way of saying thank you for your trust and loyalty. We look forward to continuing to give you the top-quality service you expect. Thank you!

New Maintenance Program FAQs

Why is the plan changing, and what is being adjusted?

We evaluate our maintenance program every few years. To make it simpler and more convenient for our customers, our new streamlined program provides a base level tune-up at a lower price, then allows you to choose optional add-ons as needed for your system.

What are the new add-ons?

The new add-ons are tasks that were previously provided in a premium tune-up – now customizable, depending on the age and performance of your system and factors in your home (regular filter changes, pets, dust, etc.). You may need some add-ons each season, while you may not need others.

Do my existing benefits change?

All benefits of the existing maintenance plan will roll over to the new plan (i.e. discounts and priority service).

What does this mean for my current contract?

All existing contracts and services will be honored through the expiration date. After their “old” contract is fulfilled, customers will be enrolled in the new program when scheduling their next tune-up.

What will my tune-ups consist of?

As mentioned, we have pared down the heating and cooling tune-ups to include everything that MUST be done on an annual basis. The below checklists consist of the main tasks that will be performed during heating and cooling tune-ups. Depending on the state of your equipment there may also be some recommended add-ons to choose from. These will differ from home to home. This way we can ensure your system receives the service it requires at each visit– no more, no less.

Membership Benefits:

  • 15% Discount on ALL Repairs
  • Year Part & Labor Warranty on Repairs
  • Periodic Specials & Promotions
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Priority Service
  • Maximized Energy Efficiency
  • Proactive Repair Recommendations

Heating Checklist

  • Inspect Thermostat
  • Inspect Blower Motor / Bearings
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Check Temperature Rise
  • Inspect Fan Control
  • Inspect Safety Controls
  • Inspect Ignition System
  • Inspect All Electrical Connections
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Inspect Thermocouple / Pump
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Check Back Up Heater Elements
  • Inspect Sequencer Operations
  • Check Volt & Amp Draw
  • Inspect Breaker
  • Inspect Flue Pipes
  • Inspect & Clean Burners & Pipes
  • Inspect & Clean Flame Sensors
  • Test Cycle for Proper Operation
  • Test Home for CO Levels
  • Change and/or Clean Filter

Cooling Checklist

  • Inspect Thermostat
  • Check Temperature Drop
  • Check Air Flow
  • Inspect and Clean Drain Lines
  • Inspect and Clean Relays
  • Inspect Indoor Coil
  • Inspect and Clean Blower Motor
  • Check Blower Motor Amp Draw
  • Check Compressor Amp Draw
  • Condenser Motor Amp Draw
  • Inspect All Electrical Connections
  • Inspect Fan Bearings
  • Inspect and Clean Outdoor Coil
  • Inspect and Clean Contactors
  • Inspect and Clean Capacitors
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Check Disconnect Power Box
  • Check Breaker
  • Test Cycle for Proper Operation
  • Change and/or Clean Filter

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