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Take control of your home comfort and save on energy costs with a range of Honeywell Home thermostats.

Honeywell Prestige® IAQ 2.0 Thermostat

Prestige® IAQ 2.0 Thermostat

The Prestige® IAQ Thermostat with RedLINK® features an effortless, 7-day programmable color touchscreen that provides control of temperature, humidification, dehumidification and ventilation. Its high-definition, full-color display is easy to read. The thermostat interviews you and uses your answers to program itself.

No need to work through complicated settings and instructions. Optional add-ons include the Portable Comfort Control that allows you to adjust room temperatures from anywhere in the home.


High-definition Control
Designed with a color touchscreen display, using the Prestige® thermostat is simple and intuitive. View the current temperature and humidity, make adjustments, program a heating and cooling schedule for every day of the week, or locate your installer's contact information for service.

Adaptive Intelligent Recovery
Over time, the Prestige® thermostat learns how long it takes your system to reach the ideal temperature you want. It activates the heating or cooling system earlier and helps make sure you're comfortable at the time you expect.

Expand Your System for Maximum Performanc
Get the most from your Prestige® IAQ Kit with RedLINK®, EIM and Sensors with compatible accessories. The Equipment Interface Module, duct and outdoor sensors expand the system's range for more data and visibility. Use RedLINK® to connect the thermostat to the internet for mobile alerts and control.


  • Thermostat Type: Programmable, Communicating, Digital, Low Voltage, RedLINK
  • WiFi Specifications: Internet Gateway THM6000R7001/U Provides WiFi Capabilities
  • Color: White
  • Program Modes: Manual / Not Programmed, 7-Day Programmable
  • Utility Rewards: No
  • Display Type: Touch Screen
  • Fan Function: Cycled, Continuous
  • Power Supply: Hardwired
  • Product Height: 3.5 in, 88 mm
  • Product Length: 4.5 in, 115 mm
  • Product Width: 0.88 in, 22 mm
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes
  • Stages: 4 Heat/2 Cool Heat Pumps, 3 Heat/2 Cool Conventional Systems

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Honeywell Vision Pro Thermostat

VisionPRO® 8000 Thermostat

With the VisionPRO®® 8000 Thermostat, total home comfort control is at your fingertips. Easily manage ventilation and zoning systems through one easy-to-use interface. The 7-day programmable thermostat makes it simple to customize alerts to monitor comfort and energy efficiency.

The thermostat comes equipped with RedLINK® Wireless Technology and can work with RedLINK™ accessories so you can remotely monitor and control your heating and cooling systems anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone. Plus, on-screen guided help means no complicated manuals needed.


Compatible Temperature Control

The 7-day programmable thermostat works standalone or with the THM5421R1021 Equipment Interface Module for up to 3 Heat/2Cool Heat Pump or up to 2 Heat/2 Cool Conventional applications. Create a smart schedule to customize the temperature settings to your lifestyle.

Easy to Program, Easy to Love

Answer a few simple questions and the VisionPRO® 8000 Thermostat will self-program based on your preferences. You can even create customized alerts to monitor your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Plus, the on-screen guided help means there's no need for complicated manuals.

Control More Than the Temperature

The smart thermostat comes with RedLINK® Technology, so you can connect to a RedLINK® Internet Gateway to monitor and operate your thermostat remotely. Then, connect your device to other wireless accessories that can help you manage frost and condensation on your windows, check the outdoor temperature, and more.


  • Thermostat Type: Programmable, Communicating, Digital, Low Voltage, RedLINK
  • WiFi Specifications: Internet Gateway THM6000R7001/U Provides WiFi Capabilities
  • Works standalone or with optional THM5421R1021 Equipment Interface Module and RedLINK accessories
  • Program Modes:7-Day Programmable, Manual / Not Programmed
  • Display Type: Touch Screen
  • Fan Function: Cycled, Continuous
  • Power Supply: Battery Powered, Hardwired
  • Product Dimensions: 4.63 in x 4.94 in x 1.13 in
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Stages: 3 Heat/2 Cool Heat Pumps, 2 Heat/2 Cool Conventional Systems, 4 Heat / 2 Cool Heat Pump with the EIM, 3 Heat / 2 Cool Conventional with the EIM

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Honeywell TruZONE HZ432 Panel

TrueZONE® HZ432 Panel

This TrueZONE® HZ432 Panel is for use in conventional, heat pump, or dual-fuel applications. It is expandable in up to 32 zones. With Intuitive Installer Setup, the easy-to-follow, digital display uses real language to guide users through four easy steps. It also comes with a Standard Checkout Procedure.


  • Robust Push Terminals
  • Variable-Speed Fan Control
  • Discharge Air Temperature Staging
  • Advanced Dual-Fuel Operation
  • Use with TAZ-4 Add-A-Zone to expand to 32 zones
  • RedLINK™ enabled for up to 4 wireless zones when used with THM4000R1000 Wireless Adapter
  • Controls up to 3 Heat/2 Cool conventional or heat pump
  • Controls up to two stages compressor and two stages fossil fuel in dual fuel mode


  • Compatible Sensor: Discharge Air Temperature Sensor, Outdoor Temperature Sensor
  • LED Functions: Stage of heat and damper state
  • Number of Expanded Zones: 32
  • Stages: 3 Heat/2 Cool
  • Product Dimensions: 13.42 in x 8 in x 1.86 in
  • Warranty: 5 Years

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